That’s a wrap! 2012 at Inneventive

A momentous year for Inneventive 

As this historic year draws to a close, we start to think of that dreaded January month, how long we’ll actually stick to our New Year’s resolutions and our countdown to the summer commences! Bur before that I would like to take this time to reflect on (almost!) everything Inneventive have been up to this year. What a year it has been!

2012 has been the year of Team-Building events. With more of a variety than ever before, we have seen our clients on farms milking cows, getting wet in kayaks in Wales, and frantically running around Borough Market in a cooking challenge. Our team building testimonials have been most flattering this year. This means our heads have been kept high all year around because we know we are delivering the best quality team building service.

Osea Island is a haven with an abundance of wildlife, stunning views and unique, unspoilt, landscape and it’s absolutely exclusive to us! Clients have been on team building trips to the Island where they have been tested, challenged and pushed to their full abilities. It’s a completely unique venue and we can’t wait to take full use of it next year as well!

One particular highlight of the year goes to our VIP Viewing of the Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant.

Flags, bunting, Union Jacks, flags, posh picnics, flags and ponchos and even more flags!!! A historic day showcased to the whole country by the BBC. Well, that’s where we came in. We built an 800-seated grandstand on Sugar Quay Jetty so we could witness the pageant live in the rain! Watching the Pageant go past in front of us indulging in a ‘Posh Picnic’ designed with all themes of the Jubilee whilst wearing ponchos, was a true Inneventive style Jubilee celebration. Not knowing what’s more important; their Champagne flute, camera or holding their poncho over their head, our guests decided to just get soaked and enjoy every moment of the day.

The image of 800 dripping wet guests on our grandstand stood up singing ‘God Save our Queen’ alongside our string quartet whilst the Royal Barge went past is something none of us will forget.

Not a day to lose, the grandstand came down one day and the famous Sugar Quay marquee got erected the next! A summer of Sugar Quay parties saw the location more sort after than ever before. A marquee on the River say’s it all anyway, but with views of a stunning lit up Tower Bridge with the famous Olympic rings on, added to the parties even more. Our Sugar Quay parties ranged from receptions for 250 to BBQ’s for 500.

“Many thanks for an excellent summer event. The venue and its fabulous views, food and service were second to none”.

Deutsche Bank

As summer finished, and the day’s got darker and we were all thinking if we actually saw any sun this summer, preparations for our Christmas parties came under way! Returning for yet another year, the electrifying Ballroom at Bishopsgate was on the cards. Venue finding, creating unique themes and producing the best Christmas parties in London came second nature to us. Planning Christmas in September may sound strange, but we actually love it!

Sending clients across the globe to Dublin, Iceland, Marrakech and beautiful Venice has been a pleasure. International team-building events is on the rise and whether it’s Skiing in the Alps, bathing in geothermal springs in Iceland or saying thank you to your partners in Ibiza, we’ve done the lot!

Hosting a huge party at St. Pauls Cathedral where ‘Caribbean meets Ireland’ theme was unforgettable. Hearing steel drums and Irish folk music echoing through the famous Crypt is a sound we never quite thought would work, but turned out to be absolutely stunning!

Now we are fully immersed in the Christmas party season. Glitz, glamour and Grey Goose is pouring at a variety of our venues!

Reflecting on 2012 at Inneventive we have produced some of our best ever events. We have developed relationships with past clients and we have met some new ones along the way.

We have new ventures and plans for 2013 we cannot wait to tell everyone.

But for now, we wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See you in 2013.