A Perfectly Balanced Conference

 The venue looks great, the speakers are actually working, the tables and chairs are perfectly aligned and PowerPoint is ready to go. In just 20 minutes your attendees will start arriving to your check-in desk to put on their name badges, collect their delegate pack and find their seat.

5 minutes into this conference (which you have been planning for 6 months), your attendees will be already be thinking how enticing lunch looks and what time train to catch home.

Is this really what you want? I can imagine your answer is no…..

Have you ever thought how to make your conference more engaging and exciting rather than ‘death by PowerPoint’? Your delegates don’t want to go back to their schooling days where they can’t move from a long tedious lecture for 2 hours.  Your guests want to get up, network, interact with each other and really learn something from the day.

So, why are conferences renowned for being so dreary? It may be because your guests are sat in the same seat for an hour and have to listen and watch a number of people talk about one ‘subject’. This ‘subject’ was actually important to your attendee before, now it’s nothing more than a slideshow with a few moving pictures.

Our team of Event Managers put themselves in the shoes of a conference attendee. They imagined arriving for the first time in an event venue in an unknown city to check-in at a conference. From the start, they knew exactly what they wanted to get out of the day.

Besides the fact our team have extraordinary creative minds anyway, they conjured up some really crazy conference ideas.

With technology and social media taking over almost everything nowadays, why not include everyone’s Smartphone’s into your conference? This means your attendees can keep up with the slideshow in the palm of their hands, make their own notes digitally, and even Tweet about the conference if they so wish. Make an ‘App’ for your conference and that automatically reduces all the paper you are wasting printing Delegate Packs on. (These packs are only left at the end of the day anyway.)

Between sessions, why not give your attendees the chance to network with exactly who they want to. Many of your guests may only have attended the conference to meet with a few people, so give them this opportunity! Set up a ‘Speed Dating’ room so everyone can meet who they want.

Better yet, why not include something really creative into the day like a collection of activities? Past conferences we have included culinary experiences such as a Canapé Making Workshop and Cupcake Workshops. This added a whole new element into the day and gave the attendees the opportunity to build relationships with others whilst engaging in something really fun and memorable.

I’m not talking about a break where everyone plays Bingo for 5 minutes and the winner receives another complimentary coffee and 2 x Rich Tea’s but games/quizzes are a great way to get everyone interacting. It creates an atmosphere and is great fun if the topic of game is relevant!

What is the point in spending 6 months organising a conference if your attendees are not going to take anything away from it?

There is no wonder why our past clients always return to us to organise their conferences and AGM’s. This is due to the fact we stepped into their shoes, and we know exactly what a creative and memorable conference has to have; a mixture of content, activities and breaks.

We source the perfect venue fit for your conference. We have 15 years worth of event management and conference production experience so we have built relationships with the contacts who deliver the highest quality products at the best prices. Whether it’s the venue, AV suppliers, catering or security, we work with you to deliver exactly what you want.

Our meticulous attention to detail has meant we are professionals in all areas of conference production. We know how to organise a successful engaging conference.

Please contact us on 020 7518 2480 or email us at Events@inneventive.co.uk to talk to an Event Manager and discuss making your next conference your best yet.

“I have never received such an overwhelmingly positive response from all of my colleagues – the organisation and creativity from the Inneventive staff was absolutely superb. We will definitely be using Inneventive in the future.”
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