Team Building…..foundations for success

With monthly, quarterly and annual targets it is safe to say that every person at one time or another gets a bit stressed. A feeling that is 100% natural and perhaps a key element into personal and team success. A problem shared is a problem halved we believe!

By gathering your team or company for a day out, cannot only increase motivation but build on work relationships that can provide a successful and happy environment. With our extensive industry experience, we at Inneventive believe we can provide that day or week for all! Having a break from the office and those many e-mails can offer rejuvenation and good memories.

No matter the size or budget, Inneventive can have you climbing mountains, racing on waves or conjuring mouth-watering cocktails at a snazzy bar. We cater for all and have the delicious food to match.

I’m a great believer that any tool that enhances communication has profound effects in terms of how people can learn from each other, and how they can achieve success’ Bill Gates

Team building can be used as a great tool for communication and can allow employees to engage and inspire each other, a core value at Inneventive.

“It went some way further than being a team building event. … we learnt a lot about each other and will now bring that experience back into the work place. So once again many thanks and I hope we can work together again.” 
Hanover Association

 Like what you’re hearing, here is a list of what we can offer, but like our ethos if they don’t take your fancy, give us a call and we can find out what engages and inspires.

  • Dinner with a twist
  • Escape to the beach
  • Luxury sailing day
  • Race and casino night
  • Cocktail Making
  • Silent movie with RADA
  • Down to the farm
  • Introduction to Polo

Something a bit bigger?

Why not try our perfect packages abroad, skiing in the Alps? Sightseeing in Marrakesh or discovering the beautiful heritage of Dublin?

Our aim is to engage and inspire with our events but if you need help planning an event of your own we are also here to help. Let’s see between us what we can conjure up!

For more information please do contact us: or give us a ring on +44 (0) 207 518 2480