Halloween, Hipsters and Harry Potters – The return of the party themes

It is that time of year when the pumpkins are unearthed, the fancy dress box comes down from the attic and your children are wanting to trick or treat. Inneventive must admit, we love this time of year, it’s a great excuse to become one with your inner child and let your creativity run away with you.

Over the 12 years of being in the industry we have hosted some wonderful and wacky parties with the most extraordinary themes.  There is no theme we haven’t touched and our Halloween parties seem to get bigger and crazier every year. Working in the events industry we don’t necessarily need a date to celebrate a theme, but the 31st October is a great excuse to look scary (on purpose!).

From intimate corporate parties of 30 to large private parties of 500 we can host it all. We believe that a theme can bring a party to life whether that be from your centre pieces or your red carpet, it makes a big, vibrant and exciting party, three elements we like to pride ourselves in.

We recently hosted a Heaven ‘n Hell party in the depths of the Cotswolds and transformed a clients garden into a mystical Adam and Eve setting. Details such as marquees, interior, floral arrangements and catering – it all helps create the big exciting picture.

We had incredible staff who all dressed up and were the ‘temptations’ whilst the drinks were various concoctions. Not only can a theme make your event stand out but it can also have internal benefits:

  • Creates humour
  • Removes status
  • A relaxed environment for colleagues to get to know each other
  • Removes stress and pressure from the office
  • Most of all entertaining and unique!

If you think you would be interested in our various themes and want to do something a little different his year, whether it be a 50th Birthday or Christmas Party. Then please do give us a call:

Tel: 0207 518 2480
E-mail: events@inneventive.co.uk