Celebrating the Summer in the Sunshine

The office and I cannot believe where the time has gone… we have just celebrated Easter with our first bank holiday of the year and it feels like yesterday that we finished the Christmas season. With the weather perking up, we are overjoyed to be walking to work in the sunshine – constantly on the hunt for new venues and spaces of course!

With the enquiries flowing in we are proud to say that we have found the most beautiful open space in the heart of London near Moorgate. Ideal for summer parties, English games and product launches – we ensure that we can bring everything to you right outside your office!

Our caterers are more than happy to tailor a menu for you to perhaps match your desired theme or company branding and we can create a typical British day in the heart of the city. We are also excited to announce that not only are we professional event managers but mixologists too! The team celebrated their Christmas Party (admittedly in April) by creating and tasting delicious cocktails both soft and alcoholic in our kitchens. Our creative products varied from a Red berry rouge to a Lovely Lucy – don’t let the names fool you some of the ingredients that went in together should not be mixed together and yet tasted delicious!

We tried getting them onto the Summer Cocktails list but are chef wasn’t so keen! We cant imagine why…

However as we digress, our point is that we can tailor any event to you in any space. Our summer space is perfect for cocktail making in the sunshine or simply client entertainment with a twist. The space is very dynamic and can accommodate guests from 50-500 with full catering and production.

If you are interested in finding out where are mystery venue is than please contact Olivia:

T: 0207 518 2480
E: Olivia@inneventive.co.uk