Corporate Hospitality: Making the impossible, possible.

Have you always wanted to treat yourself and your colleagues to becoming VIP for the night? Have you always wanted to attend a world glamorous event with your partners? Have you always wanted to watch a live sporting event with the best hospitality? Look no further…. We can give you access into some of the biggest and best events in the world.


Our extensive corporate hospitality experience has proven to be creative, imaginative and exclusive to your needs. We have a vast number of entertainment ideas to suit all budgets, guest numbers and locations – land, sea or air!

A number of our events provide the opportunity to learn a new skill or sport, thus offering your clients something a little different and an experience they will most certainly remember. Or if you’d rather reward your team at a music concert or build new relationships with clients at a sporting event, we can take the stress of your hands and organise a spectacular and memorable day.

Our popular ‘A Classic Car Treasure Hunt’ is always a hit with our clients. Guests are given Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, Ferraris and Porches to drive for a day. What can be better than that?! In pairs, our guests were set a course around the beautiful English countryside and were tasked with navigating from point to point by the most effective route.

Corporate hospitality doesn’t just stop at giving you yacht hospitality at the Monaco Grand Prix, giving you the best strawberries at Wimbledon or the best seats at The Royal Ascot, we are professionals in creating other completely unique days out. Whatever your location, size, budget and timeframe, conjuring up new and exciting ways to captivate your clients is our forte.

Our corporate hospitality department are always creating new trips and events for you. If you have an idea of an event you would like to go to, please contact us on 020 75182480 and we can help you create an enjoyable day for everybody.

Incentive Trips… The difference a few days out of the office can make to the rest of the year…

We have already stated on our website the best locations we offer for incentive trips and the itinerary of these trips, but you’re probably thinking, are these trips actually worthwhile?

With January almost over and the horrid weather hopefully gone for good, morale and motivation can still be pretty low. Setting a sales team a target and rewarding them with a once in a lifetime opportunity that is unforgettable is better than any other type of reward. We have proof!

All our incentive packages don’t just cover flights and hotels. Our trips are specifically designed to include a worth-while meaningful trip that will last in your memory forever. Of course we organise all accommodation and transport, but we plan activities perfectly suited to your company, group size and budget.

An off the beaten track visit to Venice saw a group of 10 experience real Italian culture and cuisine and step into a real life Venetian’s way of life. Already in 2013 we have sent clients skiing down The Alps and on camels in Marrakech. Yes, very different locations indeed but both are unique and were tailor made to suit the individual.

We plan activities that bring the group together and to get to know one another in ways one normally wouldn’t get to know a colleague. This might be because we are professionals in team-building activities, but also because trips are built to make friends and build stronger relationships. These relationships can then be taken back to the office and used in a real-life working environment.

Igloo-making in Iceland saw 2 different teams work together to build the best igloo under great time pressure; this was so much fun to watch and great to see skills developing amongst a team. Skills like confidence, time-management, and communication were all apparent in the teams.

A trip to Dublin to introduce your two partners can break the ice and give you a real opportunity to learn and develop these relationships to give your business true success! Whether this is at a private dinner in an Irish castle or in a real Dublin pub over a pint of Guinness!

We organise every detail of the trip for you so you don’t have to worry in the slightest! Everything is taken care of. Full event-management is provided whilst away. Of course, if you feel you can behave on your own, we do not need to be with you!!

If you need proof, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can talk for hours on how great incentive trips are to a team.

Please contact us with more details if you have any questions regarding incentive trips. Our telephone number is 020 7518 2480 or email us at

It’s time for you to start planning your team that once in a lifetime opportunity!

That’s a wrap! 2012 at Inneventive

A momentous year for Inneventive 

As this historic year draws to a close, we start to think of that dreaded January month, how long we’ll actually stick to our New Year’s resolutions and our countdown to the summer commences! Bur before that I would like to take this time to reflect on (almost!) everything Inneventive have been up to this year. What a year it has been!

2012 has been the year of Team-Building events. With more of a variety than ever before, we have seen our clients on farms milking cows, getting wet in kayaks in Wales, and frantically running around Borough Market in a cooking challenge. Our team building testimonials have been most flattering this year. This means our heads have been kept high all year around because we know we are delivering the best quality team building service.

Osea Island is a haven with an abundance of wildlife, stunning views and unique, unspoilt, landscape and it’s absolutely exclusive to us! Clients have been on team building trips to the Island where they have been tested, challenged and pushed to their full abilities. It’s a completely unique venue and we can’t wait to take full use of it next year as well!

One particular highlight of the year goes to our VIP Viewing of the Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant.

Flags, bunting, Union Jacks, flags, posh picnics, flags and ponchos and even more flags!!! A historic day showcased to the whole country by the BBC. Well, that’s where we came in. We built an 800-seated grandstand on Sugar Quay Jetty so we could witness the pageant live in the rain! Watching the Pageant go past in front of us indulging in a ‘Posh Picnic’ designed with all themes of the Jubilee whilst wearing ponchos, was a true Inneventive style Jubilee celebration. Not knowing what’s more important; their Champagne flute, camera or holding their poncho over their head, our guests decided to just get soaked and enjoy every moment of the day.

The image of 800 dripping wet guests on our grandstand stood up singing ‘God Save our Queen’ alongside our string quartet whilst the Royal Barge went past is something none of us will forget.

Not a day to lose, the grandstand came down one day and the famous Sugar Quay marquee got erected the next! A summer of Sugar Quay parties saw the location more sort after than ever before. A marquee on the River say’s it all anyway, but with views of a stunning lit up Tower Bridge with the famous Olympic rings on, added to the parties even more. Our Sugar Quay parties ranged from receptions for 250 to BBQ’s for 500.

“Many thanks for an excellent summer event. The venue and its fabulous views, food and service were second to none”.

Deutsche Bank

As summer finished, and the day’s got darker and we were all thinking if we actually saw any sun this summer, preparations for our Christmas parties came under way! Returning for yet another year, the electrifying Ballroom at Bishopsgate was on the cards. Venue finding, creating unique themes and producing the best Christmas parties in London came second nature to us. Planning Christmas in September may sound strange, but we actually love it!

Sending clients across the globe to Dublin, Iceland, Marrakech and beautiful Venice has been a pleasure. International team-building events is on the rise and whether it’s Skiing in the Alps, bathing in geothermal springs in Iceland or saying thank you to your partners in Ibiza, we’ve done the lot!

Hosting a huge party at St. Pauls Cathedral where ‘Caribbean meets Ireland’ theme was unforgettable. Hearing steel drums and Irish folk music echoing through the famous Crypt is a sound we never quite thought would work, but turned out to be absolutely stunning!

Now we are fully immersed in the Christmas party season. Glitz, glamour and Grey Goose is pouring at a variety of our venues!

Reflecting on 2012 at Inneventive we have produced some of our best ever events. We have developed relationships with past clients and we have met some new ones along the way.

We have new ventures and plans for 2013 we cannot wait to tell everyone.

But for now, we wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See you in 2013.

Joining in on the perfect party: Shared Christmas Parties

Companies want their staff to have the best night possible for their Christmas Party. It is a way giving back and saying thank you for all their hard work throughout the year. Glitz and glamour parties should not just be for large scale companies who have the numbers to fill out a private venue. Christmas parties should be for everyone from every different size of company. This is why we offer shared parties to our clients.

We have opened up two of our exclusive nights for Shared Christmas Parties, at the fantastic ‘Ballroom’ at the Bishopsgate Institute. With a sit down three course dinner, drinks on arrival and an unlimited drinks package on offer, it really isn’t a night to be over looked.

With the most perfect location opposite Liverpool Street Station and hosting one of London’s top live bands, we have pulled out all the stops to make sure that everyone at the shared party has a night to remember.

Stylish circular bars, vast modern chill out areas and exciting and energetic performances from an energetic and exciting band, consisting of some of the West End’s top performers.We have specially designed this event to feel like a large private concert, with brilliant food and a lively atmosphere. You won’t believe that you are partying in a Grade II listed ‘Great Hall’ in the heart of London’s city district.

With 30 years of experience in the field we know everything you need to know about Christmas parties and have built up key relationships with the leading venues in London. This is why we offer the best impartial advice on shared parties in the UK.

Nights available for the shared party at Bishopsgate are the 7th and 14th of December.  Please contact the Inneventive office on 02075182480

Bringing the party to you…

Here at Inneventive we understand that sometimes people can’t be seen to be having a party. Over that past few years, with the world in the state it’s in, companies and firms are doing with out the age honoured tradition of the Christmas party. But here at Inneventive think this is an outrage! Your staff work hard all year round, to have one afternoon or evening to let their hair down. That is why we are ‘Bringing the party to you’ behind closed doors. Our highly skilled and professional team will whisk into your office or private bar and transform it into the perfect bespoke venue to throw as lavish or as refined party as you wish.  This really is the perfect Christmas party for in house, as it can be tailored perfectly to suit all clients. One of Inneventive’s truly unique events.

If you are interested in discussing this event further please call Inneventive on 02075182480 or email

Perfect City Location

Inneventive have searched high and low and all the places in between to find a city location perfect for you and your staff. The Bishopsgate institute is located right in the heart of London city, near Liverpool Street Tube. The Institute first opened its doors on New Year’s day in 1895 and ever since has been a hub for culture and learning. Originally indented to be used a public library, meeting rooms and a town hall for people living and working in the City of London. The Great Hall (where inneventive have decided to host this years bespoke Christmas Party) in particular was;

‘Erected for the benefit of the public to promote lectures, exhibitions and otherwise the advancement literature, science and the fine arts’.

With it’s rich history and long standing partnership with the arts, made it an ideal choice for Inneventive, to host their bespoke and brilliant ‘Electrik Ballroom’ Christmas spectacular there. The London based events company can boost several exclusive nights, where clients can choose between a three course sit down meal or a more relaxed ‘festival style’ menu option. If you’d still like to go big and bold but only have a small number to book with, give Inneventive a call and they will place you in one of their shared party nights. It really is the only City location this Christmas.

Call inneventive on 02075182480 or email

Festive Cookery

Culinary skills are the talk of the town and television. Celebrity chefs have never been so on fire, cooking from scratch and the benefits of home grown grub is on the tip of diet dishing tongues. So Inneventive cordially invite you to celebrate your Christmas party with one of our ‘Festive Cookery’ packages. Taking place in one of our three top London training kitchens, with an executive Chef and Sous-Chefs, armed with all the utensils and ingredients needed to cook up a storm. These cookery days allow clients to cook one, two or three course meals, each sat down and enjoyed with half a bottle of wine for each budding chef! Clients are amazed at what they are able to achieve in a short space of time, some surely must have secret thoughts of quitting the rat race and opening a Michelin starred dinner within months.

Deciding which of the fantastic events on offer is the only hard task, as the team at Inneventive, will do the rest for you! Many brilliant events are on offer including; Festive Cookery, the ‘Borough Market challenge’, Gourmet Master Class or the Cook Off Challenge. The London based kitchens have something to suit all budgets, skills and time frames. Cooking events are a great way of incorporating team building and an incentive event all within a Christmas party or afternoon out of the office. The dinner will taste all the more delicious, for knowing you have washed, boiled and peeled it all yourself! With prices starting from £75 per person, there really isn’t a reason not to dive straight in!

Event: Chocolate Making

“Thank you for organising such a successful event; we have had lots of positive feedback from our clients today. Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the evening; we look forward to the next one!”


Event: Pasta making

“Thank you once again for all your help the feedback has all been excellent….I look forward to working with your company again in the future.”


 “I have been contacted today by many of last night’s guests enthusing about Ursula and their new-found love of Italian food. Our Managing Director was particularly impressed. Thank you for all your help in organising the evening…we shall definitely be contacting you for next year’s event.”

ISO Heathcare


Christmas Cracker Competition

With our Christmas party planning in full swing, at Inneventive we thought we need something to keep us amused…So welcome our latest competition! We are giving away £100 of either Liberty of London or Amazon vouchers to the lucky person who makes us laugh loudest and longest; with their brilliantly awful Christmas cracker jokes. So roll up and post them below to be in with a chance of winning! Here are a few to start us off…

What do you call a blind reindeer?

No eye deer.

What do you call a man with brown paper trousers?

What’s furry and minty?
A polo bear.

What do you get when you cross a lion with a snowman?

      What do you call a short-sighted dinosaur?

      A doyouthinkhesawus.

      What lies at the bottom of the sea and shivers?

      A nervous wreck.


Please leave jokes ‘as a reply’ and remember to put an email address so we can get in touch with the winner!

As always if you’d like to book a Christmas party or a corporate event please call either 020 7518 2480 or send an email to

Competition closes on the 15th of November 2012  

Bishopsgate Institute

Electrik Ballroom

Dull and dreary Christmas parties are a thing of the past, when inneventive are behind the wheel.  As your event management company we are curators of the perfect corporate celebration. ‘The Electrik Ballroom’ is a show stopper, the big one, the centre piece of all Christmas Parties. Inneventive are in their third year of partnership with the London city location of The Bishopsgate Institute. This year they have dreamt up the ‘Electrik Ballroom’ theme. Drenched and dazzling with lasers displays like no other, with live bands and some of London’s top DJ acts, a Christmas event like no other. At inneventive we can offer diverse packages depending on clients needs.  When it comes to feeding time, options included a more formal two or three course menu for up to 200 guests. If more guests and less cutlery is favored, options included bowl foods, ‘festival’ style food stands, up to three can be chosen. With a variety of the following; Delhi Diner, Down the Souk, Goodfella’s Favourite, Borough Market, Tex/Mex and Bangkok Market. Or for a novelty idea, clients can go with ‘Christmas on a Stick’ a selection of canapés which pay homage to that oh so wonderful yearly Christmas dinner. Offering tailored drinks packages, some clients would rather have sparkling wine on arrival followed by a competitively priced bar, whilst other choose inneventive’s unlimited wine, beer & soft drink deal, which keeps the merriment flowing all night long. The Electrik Ballroom conjures up ideas of a private rock concert, a lavish party, where the great hall is transformed, with chill out corners and fantastic circular bars. It really is big, bold and truly brilliant.

Always happy to curate a more bespoke event by altering and tailoring each event to suit clients need.

Please call an executive on 020 7518 2480 or email for more information. Electrik Ballroom PDF

Christmas Party Time!

At inneventive we know the stress and strain that can go hand in hand with organising the dreaded staff Christmas party. However we are here to take that away, organising everything for you, from ‘bringing the party to you’ an in office sensation, cooking your own delicious two or three course meal in one of our professional London kitchens or opting for the big and bold ‘Electrik ballroom’ at Bishopsgate. Inneventive have a Christmas party for you and to suit all budgets.

Cooking has soared in popularity recently, so instead of being served up someone else’s hard graft, why not have a Christmas party, where you and your team have washed, peeled, boiled and roasted your delicious ingredients yourself. A brilliant excuse to combine both a team building incentive and a Christmas party together in one delicious place…

“I would like to thank everyone involved for organising and running our Gourmet Master Class, it was an excellent event.”

History Channel

“A brilliant event that everyone in the team enjoyed. Cooking seems to be one of the few things that works for everyone whatever their interests and abilities”.

Which? Gardening

When the outside world doesn’t need to know, or if you simply what to try out an alternative to the ‘Christmas party’, inneventive are happy to help with their ‘bringing the party to you’ package. Everyone is aware that companies have had to make hard and difficult cut backs, reducing staff and wages. However organizations still need to keep moral and reward key staff members for their hard work during these cut-back times. ‘Bringing the party to you’ is then the Christmas party that comes into its own. Offering a full events management service you would expect, if you’d booked a hotel or venue, making sure nothing falls short of your expectations. Your meeting rooms, car parks or reception areas will be transformed (and back again) before you can say credit crunch.

If you are looking to have a Christmas party that is big and bold, then Bishopsgate is the place to be. Boasting capacities of 180 for a more traditional sit down Dinner Dance and up to 500 for a standing reception with alternative bowl food, where the choices are endless! Bishopsgate has it all from live performance bands, lasers lighting, a top London DJ, drinks receptions, (our unlimited drinks packages) and all this with full event management from the inneventive team. The Great Hall will be transformed, incorporating the stunning Victorian look, with a contemporary look; everyone gets to blow off end of year steam in style.

“I’d like to say a huge “Thank You” for such a wonderful Christmas Party. The compliments have been flooding in, which I have to say are very much deserved!! You did a fantastic job and I will have no hesitation in contacting Inneventive again towards the latter part of this year…scary thought but time just seems to fly by. Once again thanks for a truly great party!”


“Thank You for helping us organise a great Christmas Party on Friday night, everyone really enjoyed themselves and they are still talking it about it yet!  Everything went really well.  We were all very impressed with your services and I hope to work with you again some time.”


020 7518 2480