Team Building Dorset

Inneventive are proud to launch our own travelling bus! Guests are taken away to a beautiful mystery location where they can enjoy a lovely outside summer event with local fresh produce. For parties from 30-100 guests can either dine in the bus or outside I our quintessentially British stretch tent.

Why not enjoy a Jurassic Coast e-bike ride team building event followed by a well earned wild dining supper! Dorset is a great location for teambuilding and outside events due to it’s picturesque landscape and great local resources for our great catering team it equals a great and memorable event. Our Dorset team have strong relationships with local suppliers and venues and also means that we can get you the best rate possible.

Our Dorset team building can be a crucial aspect to a team or department due our innovative and creative ways to unleash boundaries and build colleague relationships making more of an incentive in the office and our re-energised.

Teambuilding Hampshire

Try out Teambuilding Hampshire events – as the preferred supplier to many country manors and outdoor pursuits we can guarantee you the best rates in the best locations and venues. Our Hampshire team are on board into creating bespoke team building activities for you to achieve your brief at hand. Whether it is a team away day or weekend we can provide you with full conference facilities as well as fun activities to break the day up.

Why not celebrate the weekend by having a private dining area for you and your colleagues, a delicious three course seated dinner with perhaps some evening entertainment such as our DRINK, Drive and gamble event or simply our eccentric race night. We can also bring in a private chef who can prepare and serve your canapés personally, you can either get stuck in and help or simply sit back and have it served for you.

Teambuilding Berkshire

With plenty of country manors and castles dotted around this countryside we can tailor your team away day just the way you like it. We can arrange transfers from the train and take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city to the country fresh air. Either a morning activity of chocolate making or a canvas challenge to a full day of RADA activities or adrenalin fuelled speedy ones!

Even a morning can have a lasting effect on your team as it takes them out of a pressurised environment to one that is relaxed and tranquil, go on try Teambuilding Berkshire style!

Teambuilding London

With the city at our disposal why not fully utilise it and really understand and value it’s beauty. A fun London teambuilding event can get you out of the office and notice things in your hometown that you never did before. Our black cab treasure hunt is a fun day out that makes you look under and over every cockney cranny! The clues are all over the city including inside certain hotspots, in public parks and on them! Alternatively why not try a fun and engaging cookery team building event that pulls your creativity out and releases the inner chef out of you! From our canapé challenge to our Borough Market Challenge it pushes you to inspire your team in order to be crowned the winner! Don’t forget you also have to eat your culinary creations so just bear that in mind! A fun full day event with the opportunity for an early evening reception perhaps even client entertainment.

Worrying about last minute parties?

We are now well and truly into the Summer period and whilst most up gearing up to Champagne and Strawberries for Wimbledon. We are running around the country launching our new product Wild Dining!

As you can see from our previous blog our launch was a huge success and it has been snowballing ever since, we are delighted to say the least!

If you are worrying about finding a contemporary venue that doesn’t scream traditional but needing it to be light enough so you can actually see your guests… can be a time consuming process. So why not let us bring the venue to you. Our latest location is the famous Hyde Park in central London which attracts thousands of visitors a year and is an iconic spot in our capital.

Located centrally but with plenty of exclusive space this event could be the event of the year for you and your colleagues. Sit back and enjoy either a private screening of Wimbledon or a lovely Summers evening drinks reception with plenty of Pimms and canapés.

We have three months left of English weather (we understand this is very unpredictable) but why not turn a generic annual event in to one to remember?

From reading this far down you’re probably thinking that we are very biased towards our venue but we really arent, although it is stunning. Considering our industry stamp has been well established over the last 15 years we have great relationships with lovely venues all over the country.

From classical venues which resemble Pride and Prejudice features to modern and contemporary spaces that can resemble Back to the Future – we can provide you with an incredible event regardless of the budget, preferences or theme!

It isn’t too late to book your Summer party or networking event so why not call the team to find out how we can make your life easier:

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Britain’s passion for food just got wilder with Inneventive


Our Definition of “Wild Dining”  is finding the most random place to serve a lunch or dinner or any meal for that matter. Foraging unusual menus with an element of danger and/or remoteness are essential ingredients to this Midsummer night’s evening that we have created.

Tuesday 13th May 2014, we introduced our Wild Dining event to the beautiful landscape of Dorset. Dorchester’s Supper Club dined in wild terrain with catering by Jamie Jones (Head Chef and co-owner of Yalbury Cottage) who strongly believes in bringing cooking back to its purest form – and that is exactly what he did.

The event could not have gone better, it was a typical summers evening with a light breeze and a lovely scent of champagne spilling through the trees. Guests arrived to a glass of bubbly and started socialising with other local bodies and businesses.

The tables were classically dressed with white linen silver  and the flower arrangements being from the fields around them! Catering was provided by Yalpury Cottage and came in the form of beautiful homemade wooden platters with local Lamb cooked four ways, dressed Greek salads and finally lemon possets with fresh strawberries accompanied by desert wine.

Our new stretch tent (which is available for hire) was lit up in red and orange up lighters creating an Indian summer vibe whilst the bunting and hay bales added that touch of British countryside.

The future plans for Wild Dining will be to hold it in various locations all over the country. From the Jurassic coast to John o’ Groats the event can go anywhere. We are thrilled to introduce it to the market this year and excited to see where Wild Dining will take both you and us.

For more information or to talk to an event specialist please contact

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Celebrating the Summer in the Sunshine

The office and I cannot believe where the time has gone… we have just celebrated Easter with our first bank holiday of the year and it feels like yesterday that we finished the Christmas season. With the weather perking up, we are overjoyed to be walking to work in the sunshine – constantly on the hunt for new venues and spaces of course!

With the enquiries flowing in we are proud to say that we have found the most beautiful open space in the heart of London near Moorgate. Ideal for summer parties, English games and product launches – we ensure that we can bring everything to you right outside your office!

Our caterers are more than happy to tailor a menu for you to perhaps match your desired theme or company branding and we can create a typical British day in the heart of the city. We are also excited to announce that not only are we professional event managers but mixologists too! The team celebrated their Christmas Party (admittedly in April) by creating and tasting delicious cocktails both soft and alcoholic in our kitchens. Our creative products varied from a Red berry rouge to a Lovely Lucy – don’t let the names fool you some of the ingredients that went in together should not be mixed together and yet tasted delicious!

We tried getting them onto the Summer Cocktails list but are chef wasn’t so keen! We cant imagine why…

However as we digress, our point is that we can tailor any event to you in any space. Our summer space is perfect for cocktail making in the sunshine or simply client entertainment with a twist. The space is very dynamic and can accommodate guests from 50-500 with full catering and production.

If you are interested in finding out where are mystery venue is than please contact Olivia:

T: 0207 518 2480

Our job, is to make your job easier

We are well and truly into 2014 and cannot believe where the time has gone. We have been non stop in assisting with conferences, team building and summer parties, as well as working on a new venture that we will let you in on soon!

With our many specialities clients often ask us what we can do for them… yes we can organise the whole event including the venue, catering, entertainment and incentive but our job fundamentally is to make yours easier.

Pleasing the whole office is a difficult task and one that worries colleagues throughout the whole process, until Inneventive join rank. We explore every aspect of your brief and do everything possible to create the best night that the office has ever seen.

We are very much a close unit at Inneventive and continually meet and brainstorm on the new briefs we receive – we are all about events that engage and inspire and do everything we can to achieve that in every event no matter the size or budget.

We are celebrating our fourteenth year and we are striving to remain on top of our game and to keep our clients inspired. Our RADA products have grown both in size and in the arts and continue to break boundaries within individuals, resulting in many happy clients returning!

Our private party girls are busy as well having organised a beautiful 70th Birthday party recently. It was in the heart of the Cotswolds, and reflected quintessentially British in the year the Birthday boy was born. It was truly innovative within the catering and the production and we had some wonderful feedback from the family.

We intend on going from strength to strength this year and are more than happy to assist in your event whether it be a conference, team building or party, we are here to make you life less hectic and more smooth.

For more information or to talk to an event specialist please contact

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January news

Well, we have started 2014 just as we ended 2013, lovely and busy!

With plenty of clients returning for various events such as their Christmas parties, team building days and annual conferences – it is safe to say we are very busy, however we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Our extensive party planning experience means that we know exactly what ingredients it takes to produce the best event for you and your colleagues, from the venue to the catering and the entertainment in between. We can tailor your event to whatever you like – don’t worry, our creativity is never ending if you need help.

We are so pleased to announce our partnership with the open bar and kitchen in Hoxton, with two large commercial kitchens and a great private dining space – it means that 60 delegates can learn and taste a variety of foods fromMediterraneanto Mexican and learn the best tricks of the trade.

In terms of Christmas parties, don’t feel you have to go traditional… why not try our Hoxton kitchen and Festive Master class! Something different and fun for all.

Alternatively you can have a delicious lunch or dinner on theThamessoaking up all of the cities greatest sites, such as the Houses of Parliament and the Millennium dome.

There are no limits to your Christmas party whether it is a traditional format in a historic hall or a contemporary club inNorth London– we can find it so you don’t have to.

If the thought of organizing your Christmas party is far too premature for you, then how is your Summer Party coming along? Not sure where to start? Well give us a call and we can source it all for you… roof terrace? Historic and grandeur? No problem, we can give you a variety of options so you don’t have to worry about it.

If you would like any further information about Inneventive and our industry knowledge, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Tel: +44 (0) 207 518 2480


Kick starting 2014 with a bang

All of us at Inneventive hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year, we are very excited to be back in the office and are as busy as always.

Our Health and Safety teambuilding and RADA launch were of such great success in 2013 that we believe has changed the dynamics of teambuilding. We are always striving to hold up our motto of ‘events to engage and inspire’ and believe these two products strongly represent that.

Incorporating the kitchen into Health and Safety has turned a sour topic delicious. From groups ranging from 15 to 50 guests this half/full day event can utilize strategy, creativity and boost colleague bonding. We can accommodate the event in or outside London with full event management including tasty refreshments cooked by you! If you want you would like to anymore information please give us a ring!

Our other launch was with RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) and has proved to be of great success. We have worked strongly together to create the perfect teambuilding products for all group sizes and budgets. Our most popular event has been ‘Circus Skool’ a range of activities such as the poi; stilt walking and tight rope have proved to be a wonderful success.

Our most recent event was for 120 people in Brighton which saw high executives prove their talent as clowns stilt walking! The half day event was full of fun and laughter and proved to bring the whole division together – which to us is the perfect result.

Benefits of these activities include:

  • Team bonding
  • Removing of status
  • Utilizing individual skills
  • Concentration and focus
  • Entertainment and laughter among colleagues

If you would like to know more information or find out what other skills we can bring to the circus, then please give us a ring!

Tel: (+44) 207 518 2480