Glorious Glamping

We are all familiar with this 21st century term and I must say we at Inneventive wanted to explore this further. I am sure you are all aware what the term entails and like us are now intrigued and want to try it for yourselves.

Well this is what we did, as the festival season is nearly up we thought we would try it before the damp dreary winter truly sets in. So off we sent packing our MD Lucy Stoddart down to Salcombe for the true Glamping experience. With a handful of clients and a beautiful tent (or mini hotel it looked like!), off they went to the beautiful beaches of Devon.

Now before I go on, I must say that Lucy has just walked into the office looking refreshed, tanned and well, over the moon. Her words were:

‘Glamping is the way forward in my books, fantastic company, fantastic catering and fantastic conversation. We forget how stunning our coasts are and take them for granted’ 

We were all pleasantly surprised as from an events side we were taking a risk, but if you don’t take risks in life, surely it becomes boring? A word that is not in Inneventives’ dictionary.

The clients arrived to the most beautiful site, a field overlooking Gower Rock and were greeted with a glass of chilled champagne. After they settled in and were shown their accommodation, they quickly took to the sofa (yes, sofa) and started admiring their surroundings. As the sun settled they moved on to their canapés, Seared local scallops with roasted butternut squash and truffle puree – yum!

The first night is very relaxed, meeting everyone and simply enjoying the peace and quiet and forgetting the hustle and bustle of the city. The next day Lucy took the team on a hike around the coast eventually arriving at a twee little pub with a lot of character. Strolling back to the campsite, the team building activities started. We can tailor these to what suits you and your company best.

We like to emphasize that we adapt to you, not the other way round. This is your opportunity to let your hair down and enjoy, im sure, a well deserved break. Or if you just want to hand everything over to us then that’s fine too! We have over twenty years experience in the industry so fear not, we not what we’re doing!

On this particular occasions the client chose our popular activity, Down on the Farm, an afternoon that includes scarecrow making, milking goats and tractor manoeuvring – they really were in the country now!

The overall experience was a huge success, Lucy and the clients loved it, and even said:

‘Why didn’t we think of this before? Such a simple concept and yet oozing fun and tranquility’

From this, the seed was planted; we wanted to pursue Glamping and explore it further. So this is it! The launch of…

Inneventive’s Glorious Glamping! 

Wherever you are, whenever you like, we can bring the whole package to you. We take our motto very seriously ‘Events to engage and inspire’ whether that be glamping, Christmas partying, team building or access to the countries top events, we can do it.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact:

Tel: 0207 518 2480

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