Proud to be British, why we love London

This week marked the start of our iconic annual Tennis tournament – Wimbledon. We in the office get very involved in this, despite some of us having never picking up a racket, we still have every right to scream at the radio/each other about the rules and what have you. But it made us wonder, do we utilise our traditions into memorable iconic events? Do we appreciate what is under our noses?

Having a DMC inbound team of Inneventive, we decided to quiz our very own travel agents about what it is people abroad want from the UK and when they visit.

Web Team: So if you could summarise our abroad clients requirements on their stay what do you think they would be?

DMC team: Depending on where they’re coming from and the industry they are in. it can completely vary. This would obviously all be established in the consultation stage, but the most recent requests have been:

1. London’s historic artefacts
2. Tour of a premiership league football ground
3. Globally recognised accommodation

Web Team: And we can do all of it?

DMC Team: Of course, we have contacts in all of the above and many more, people who come to the UK want to soak up they’re favourite aspects, that, personally, I think we take for granted. Living in a city that has so much history and crooks and crannies that makes London London is overlooked by us locals on a day to day basis – it’s a shame really.

Web Team: If you had one day left in London what would you do?

DMC Inbound: Hmm, well apart from eating in the best restaurants with the best people, it would be a morning breakfast in Covent Garden, watching the day’s dancers and entertainers practice and get ready – always quite a bizarre array!

I would then walk to  Borough Market and fill my nose with amazing smells! I also love hearing the market holders barter and negotiate – real taste of Oliver and My Fair Lady.

I would then have a wander around the V & A or National Portrait Gallery oh and not forgetting a Thames cruise past Parliament. Have a glass of Champagne in The Shard with some lunch.

In the afternoon I think a matinee performance in Shakespeare’s Globe and then finally dinner at Richard Branson’s Kensington Roof garden. Perfect.

Web Team: Wow, you’ve definitely thought this through!

DMC Team: Just a bit! We get fantastic clients who just want need assistance, fun and memories and we give them all of those whether in a day or a week, we can fill as much or as little as they’d like, we are here to support not lecture.

As we left their office we couldn’t help but feel a little guilty that for that whole interview, Lucy’s face was filled with passion and excitement about London and we so easily take it for granted – we guess that’s why she’s amazing at her job! Luce we’ll stick to softwares you stick to sightseeing!

To pick Lucy and her teams brains about our DMC inbound itineraries please contact:

Lucy at
Or give the team a ring on: 0207 518 2480

Our globally recognised bridge
London Bridge from a Thames Cruise

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