Worrying about last minute parties?

We are now well and truly into the Summer period and whilst most up gearing up to Champagne and Strawberries for Wimbledon. We are running around the country launching our new product Wild Dining!

As you can see from our previous blog our launch was a huge success and it has been snowballing ever since, we are delighted to say the least!

If you are worrying about finding a contemporary venue that doesn’t scream traditional but needing it to be light enough so you can actually see your guests… can be a time consuming process. So why not let us bring the venue to you. Our latest location is the famous Hyde Park in central London which attracts thousands of visitors a year and is an iconic spot in our capital.

Located centrally but with plenty of exclusive space this event could be the event of the year for you and your colleagues. Sit back and enjoy either a private screening of Wimbledon or a lovely Summers evening drinks reception with plenty of Pimms and canapés.

We have three months left of English weather (we understand this is very unpredictable) but why not turn a generic annual event in to one to remember?

From reading this far down you’re probably thinking that we are very biased towards our venue but we really arent, although it is stunning. Considering our industry stamp has been well established over the last 15 years we have great relationships with lovely venues all over the country.

From classical venues which resemble Pride and Prejudice features to modern and contemporary spaces that can resemble Back to the Future – we can provide you with an incredible event regardless of the budget, preferences or theme!

It isn’t too late to book your Summer party or networking event so why not call the team to find out how we can make your life easier:

Tel: 0207 518 2480
Twitter: Inneventive
E: events@inneventive.co.uk


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