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Have you ever imagined your team, clients or partners frantically running around the bustling Borough Market sourcing all ingredients to come back to our Cooking Academy to make the best 3-course restaurant quality meal?

Well, that’s where we come in. The Inneventive Cooking Academy is set in the heart of one of the largest food markets in London, Borough Market! This means we offer completely unique and exclusive team-building days.

Our compelling cookery team building events have been trialled and tested to challenge, break barriers and to build solid relationships within your work environment.

Creating some healthy competition between your colleagues at a ‘Cook Off Challenge’ will give your team new skills, cultivate new attitudes and facilitate a new way of thinking and working together successfully under pressure. The teams work towards common goals and enjoy a sense of achievement when feasting on the results of their labour.

Being a part of a ‘Cupcake Workshop’, making and eating your very own Chocolate or learning to be a sensational Sushi master means your team get an enjoyable and worthwhile day out of the office but also a chance to challenge and test your team that will create results back in the office.

We have a huge range of cookery events to suit all budgets, sizes and dates. We take pride in creating the best culinary experience for your team which promises to show results.

We are a professional and creative Event Management company with years of team-building experience. Collectively, our friendly and efficient team have worked in the team-building industry for over 30 years. We have built relationships and partnered with some the best venues in London, the UK and all across Europe.

Call our London team building sales desk on 020 7518 2480 or you can email events@inneventive.co.uk.

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Cookery Team Building Testimonials

“I was very impressed by the ability to take our meeting goals and theme and include it in a Cookery Team-building event. Easiest and best Event Company to work with. Efficient and excellent customer service”
Exxon Mobil

It has certainly helped strengthen our bridges across all levels within the office!”
CMS Cameron Mckenna

“Thank you once again for all your help, the feedback has all been excellent… I look forward to working with you again in the future”

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