Team Building Activities The Corporate Heartbeat
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  Benefits from the event
Internal communication
Team work
Team bonding
Time management
Thinking outside the box
Learning how to be resourceful

Team Building Activities  
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The Corporate Heartbeat

Let us help bring your corporate culture to life by adding creativity and flair into your induction programmes. Scenario: You have found a great new candidate and want them to have the right first impression so they understand what makes the company tick.  
THE PURPOSE: Induction communication through team building.
THE TEAM: High performing teams or individuals. Numbers
will depend on the media selected.
THE Outcome: Real internal communication, strong team work and a huge sense of reward

With our expertise, why not bring your team together to change the first impression of your organisation, or any other aspect of your communication for that matter.

Our professional coaches will help you plan, write, act, sing, dance, mime or talk to new employees about all aspects of your corporate ethos, culture and personality, enabling you to get across the important messages in whatever medium you deem appropriate, using your key assets (your human capital) to deliver.
Are you a modern, progressive, young organisation – perhaps a YouTube video or Facebook campaign, or do you have more traditional values - a film, a presentation? Let’s discuss your brief and develop a more adventurous communiqué. Tap into our resources, powers of communication and world class tutors to deliver a great event induction programme that can be used time and again.
Event Capacaties  Price Upon Request
Event Capacaties 10 - 40
Event Capacaties Team Building
Event location London Central
Event Availability All year round.
Event information

To book an event or for more information, please contact us:

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