Indoor The Apprentice
The Apprentice, Team BuildinG Activities
  Included in the Event
Alan Sugar host plus experts
Full briefing plus all kit & equipment for tasks
Winner's treats per task E.g. bubbly & chocolates.
3hr event: 2 challenges
6hr event: 4 challenges (1hr break for lunch)

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The Apprentice

Dare to take on the world's 'most belligerent boss' in the twist on the popular BBC show!  
Competing in teams, you and
your guests must rise to Lord Alan's challenges in a series of business tasks designed to test your team's skills of delegation, communication, time management and much more in order to win the day!

The teams will go through a series of tests such as Bang! And the Advert's Done!, Create a Calender and The Cereal Entrepreneurs Tests. All will put you to the test with your leadership skills, pitching, communication and delegating.

The Cereal Entrepreneurs: Testing your taste buds as well team work, you and your team must create a new brand of cereal, using a selection of real ingredients in front of you. Choosing your market position and who you will be targeting will be tricky, because of course it must also ultimately appeal in the boardroom test!

What do you think reckon you could dodge the two infamous words...
Event Capacaties  Price Upon Request
Event Capacaties 10 - 500
Event Capacaties Team Building Activity
Event location Your Office
Event Availability All year round
Event information

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