Indoor The Mexican Railroad
Mexican Railroad, Team Building activities
  Included in the Event
Host/facilitator plus additional staff (dependant on numbers)
Full briefing plus all kit & equipment for constructing the railroad
Prizes for the winning team
1.5 - 2hr event

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The Mexican Railroad

Our fantastic Mexican Railroad event truly translates to a company's need to think outside individual tasks and consider the bigger picture; as not only must you be successful as a team, you must also consider how your efforts will combine to equal success for the whole group!  
Your task as a team is to construct a set length of railroad that is able to transport a sports ball from start to end, by you and your team members holding onto the supporting struts and 'Mexican waving' it along. Materials-wise, our host will give you a small sample of the machine rolled paper rods, Y-shaped support structures and cable
ties, which will be the only equipment available to use, and then it is up to you and your team.

You then have to put it into action. Our host will give you and your team members all the materials that you should need.

It is then it's up to your team leader to get all hands on deck in order to get your track up and running before our host calls time.

Your team might have conquered the individual races, but now it's time to connect all the different team's designs together to form one continuous track. Good luck!
Event Capacaties  Price Upon Request
Event Capacaties 16 - 300
Event Capacaties Team Building
Event location Your Office
Event Availability All year round
Event information

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