Indoor Murder Mystery Evening
Murder Mystery Evening, Team Building
  Included in the Event
Chief Inspector host plus additional staff and actors
All theming, paperwork, costumes and props for the theme
Crime scene & evidence trail
Prizes for the winning detective team
2hr event

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Murder Mystery Evening

Perfect over a company dinner our Murder Mystery Evenings begin with you and your guests having their first chance to meet a number of larger than life characters, your colleagues taking on these roles
Just as you think you might be ready for your starters however, our Chief Inspector and sidekick storm the room with some terrible news... There has been a murder!

As well as classic themes of gala dinners with missing keynote speakers and Oscar parties in which the leading actress suddenly drops down dead! We can also offer bespoke storylines for you and your group, including real tales from your workplace for added amusement for your guests!

Case Study: 120 guests - Investment Bankers
Split into 12 tables of 10, our client chose 6 of their top managers to take on the
flamboyant characters in relation to the Olympics - the theme chosen to reflect their sponsorship of the Games. The characters were 'shared' across two tables each the rest of the table taking on police and detective roles in the investigation. Home Office and Coronary Reports were given out at strategic points of the investigation in order for the tables to build their case, as well as two guests from each table searching for items of evidence in the surrounding area.

Followed by an interrogation round over coffee the After an end denouement from each team of their findings, our Chief Inspector made his arrest and the murder was brought to justice!
Event Capacaties  Price Upon Request
Event Capacaties 16 - 500
Event Capacaties Team Building Activity
Event location Your Office
Event Availability All year round
Event information

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