Team Building Activities Epic Battle Re-enactment
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  Benefits from the event
Relationship development
Organisation skills
Film making!
Creating a memorable film!

Team Building Activities  
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Epic Battle Re-enactment

Re-enact historic battles from Roman, Medieval and modern times or an epic
fight scene from a movie.
THE Purpose: An out of the ordinary day of fun, learning, skills
and film making.
THE Team: The whole organistion (and families). A cast of tens
to thousands.
THE Outcome: Unity, adventure, fun and a memorable film.

Picture the setting of a large field or film studio for your organisation to recreate history. Let the day bring together group crowd choreography, costumes, make-up, fighting skills, arrow making, camp fires with behind the scenes of field kitchens and mess tents and all the activities and infrastructure needed to support large armies.
There is an endless choice - would you like the Battle of Bosworth, or a scene from Star Wars or Lord of the Rings? Let our talented team make this a day to remember.
Event Capacaties  Price Upon Request
Event Capacaties 10 - 1000
Event Capacaties Team building activity
Event location London Central
Event Availability All year round.
Event information

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