Team Building Activities Energisers
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Team Building Activities  
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Five different energising games promising to bring the team together in a full filled energising team building event!  
Guess Whose Story: A story game which tests your ability to decipher
the truth from a lie. Have fun as you discover something unique about your colleagues.

Pass the Sound or Chinese Whispers: Someone is instructed to start a clap, sound or Chinese whisper. This simple energiser may surprise you, who knows what will result as the sound evolves around the room?

Word Portrait: Let this fast-paced word game test your memory and listening skills as you learn and share with your colleagues - a great way to get people to open up and say the most unusual things.

No Talking: A competitive energiser which throws you into a world of non-verbal communication. Outsmart your opposing teams with precision and speed by taking a closer look at your colleagues and discovering new ways to

Secret Handshake: Starting at one end of the room, a secret handshake is passed along the rows. Embark on a journey of discovery to find out whether you will be admitted into the secret society or if your attempt has been sabotaged.
Event Capacaties  Price Upon Request
Event Capacaties 15 - 50
Event Capacaties Team Building Activity
Event location UK Wide
Event Availability All year round. Full day or Half day
Event information

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