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The Eccentric Race Night

Drawn from the concept of a pre-recorded race night, we are offering you an exciting evening of racing with a comical twist.  
The Purpose: Entertainment betting on pre-recorded eccentric races.

The Team: After dinner entertainment, retirement dinners, charity
or private fund raisers.

The Outcome: Seriously off the wall unadulterated fun. Can be used
as part of a fund raising event.

Six races will be screened with unknown possible outcomes. Some of these races will be based on eccentric British and worldwide events such as cheese rolling, bog snorkelling and world sauna championships.
The races are a mix of real footage and computer generated action.

Choose from a list of race options including the pantomime dame race; pig racing; the paint drying race; the multi-coloured snail race and the CERN particle accelerator race.

Our scripted RADA graduate will MC the event offering hilarious commentary on each race. He, with the help of our TOTE, will provide you with a fun evening.

A screen is set up and guests are asked to place their bets as individuals or in teams on each race. Betting can be used to raise money for charity.

We can tailor the event to record the racing of anything you can think of that is non life threatening! This is a fun way to celebrate individual achievement or to liven up a retirement dinner.
Event Capacaties  Price Upon Request
Event Capacaties 25 - 100
Event Capacaties Fund raising event.
Event location
Event Availability All year round. Your choice of venue.
Event information

To book an event or for more information, please contact us:

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