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Tony Hsieh CEO of Zappos: Summed up mindfulness when he wrote: “The biggest (and hardest) lesson I’ve learned… is that the external world is just a reflection of the world within.”

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Mindfulness for the Corporate World

There is a growing popularity in the west with using mindfulness as a useful practise for creating a healthier and happy you and a growing body of evidence to support its benefits to the individual. It enhances emotional intelligence, notably self-awareness and the capacity to manage distressing emotions.
There is also however a growing popularity of incorporating mindfulness approaches to the development to staff and leadership. From the improvement of teamwork and communications, to more creativity and the ability to work effectively in pressurised situations.

Mindfulness develops the skill of being present in the moment, enabling leaders to be calmer and clearer even in the most emotionally challenging or stressful of situations. Because by being in the present moment, not caught up in guilt from the past or worry about the future. We become more productive and able to concentrate for longer periods.

For leaders the pressure, accountability, and the need to continuously improve performance, requires them to not only mange the external but also to look inwards, Mindfulness is one of the most effective practises to help facilitate this. Mindfulness however, also improves a leaders ability to connect with those around him, and to engage more fully with.
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