Outdoor Competitive Sightseeing
Teambuilding treasure hunt,
  Included in the event
Clue and information pack for each team
Planned and fully formatted on foot treasure hunt
Digital camera per team
Showdown quiz finale
Prizes for the winning team
A CD of all event photos to commemorate the day
Full event management by Inneventive
5 million public liability insurance
Post event debrief meeting

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Competitive Sightseeing

Have fun with your team exploring the city with a competitive purpose.  
Treasure hunts are great fun and also provide an excellent opportunity to explore the Capital away from the busy roads.
Clues can be cunningly hidden in the names of streets, buildings, businesses and pubs.

Competitive Sightseeing is part team based treasure hunt and part quiz. Teams explore the famous and lesser known parts of the city. We focus our clues in the most picturesque and interesting parts of the city and include one or two historic pub clues along the way. Each team is also provided with a digital camera to complete a series of photo challenges.

Teams return to base for the showdown, which includes an interactive quiz based on the treasure hunt clues solved and the best team photos are displayed on the screen. Prizes are awarded to the winning teams.

Competitive Sightseeing Zones:
+St Pauls/Tower Hill/Southbank
+Covent Garden

Event Capacaties  Price Upon Request
Event Capacaties 10 - 1000
Event Capacaties
Event location Inner London
Event Availability Please enquire
Event information

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