Event Production case study - Diageo
brand celebration, client entertainment
  Included in the Event

‘The event was spectacular and seamlessly produced – from the moment the guests walked in to the moment when Girls Aloud took their final curtain call, everything was delivered brilliantly, as promised. It was without question, the best event that we have ever done.’

Director of Communications

Event Production  
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case study - Diageo

A celebration of global brands

Brief: 10th Anniversary party to encompass the development of Diageo’s top 10 global brands.

Solution: 800 guests were taken on a journey around the globe with their brands.

The venue became an aircraft for the evening, beginning at “Check-In” where guests were greeted by our flight attendants. It featured the fuselage and throughout the evening, the plane touched down in different locations where the entertainment and food matched the location.

Entertainment was provided by a performance from Girls Aloud.
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