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Out of the office training days prove to be popular and powerful means of breaking the ice, building relationship, addressing issues, developing strategy and improving the performance of individuals and teams within the company. Stepping into a completely different environment with no interruptions and new situations has proven over years to develop skills of all kinds.

Whether you are looking to break the ice by getting to know each other better, learn to actually work together better or create new innovative skills to create a successful business plan or budget, you can achieve so much more stepping out of the office in a unique venue for 1 day, 2 days or a whole week. We can source the perfect venue for you that will achieve all your aims and objectives. An overnight residential in the English countryside, ski trips, city breaks or dining in the city, we have creative ideas perfect for your next management training event.

Our management away days have proven over the years to be the best investment for any team. Developing skills and building relationships creates success within the workplace. Whatever your objective, we have the skills, expertise and contacts to make possible the best management away day.

Please contact us on 02075182480 or email us at Events@inneventive.co.uk

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Management Away Days Testimonials

“I have never received such an overwhelmingly positive response from all of my colleagues – the organisation and creativity from the Inneventive staff was absolutely superb. We will definitely be using Inneventive in the future.”
Carlton Books

“It has certainly helped strengthen our bridges across all levels within the office!”
CMS Cameron Mckenna

“I was very impressed by the ability to take our meeting goals and theme and include it in a Cookery Team-building event. Easiest and best Event Company to work with. Efficient and excellent customer service”
Exxon Mobil

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