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Before we start organising your away day, we need to have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve so our team of professional Event Managers can create an event perfect for you.  
If you would like your Managers to have a fun packed day out of the office to learn everything about Health and Safety in the workplace and the legal requirements surrounding it then we can organise a day specifically for that.  This day can in indoor or outdoor, half day or a full week, in London or anywhere across the UK/Europe; we can organise your away day so everything runs smoothly. There will be nothing for you to worry about.
Our away days are specifically designed to the individuals in the party. Whether it is a day out of the office to develop leadership skills or a chance to feel creative, we have activities to suit everybody.
Fun, action packed days filled with challenging tasks and life lessons are vital when putting on a worthwhile away day.
Our Management Away Days include:

  • Health and Safety Culture: This day is extremely popular as there is now no excuse on knowing everything about Health and Safety.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Learn about the 3 P’s: Profit, People and Planet.
  • Creative Learning: Learn how to interact and design new products which is proven to increase your creative skills
  • Programme Delivery:  Our programmes are built to maximise your organisational success and enhance the behavioural skills of your workforce.

Those are just a few examples of management away days. Our Management Training programmes are designed to maximise skills, capability and performance. Everyone is given the opportunity to fulfil their true potential which not only benefits the individual but the company to achieve its goals too.
By identifying current business processes and simulating them, we can draw comparisons to your working practice.
Creative mediums are used to develop skills such as: planning, delegation, time management, communication, cooperation and leadership.

Call our London team building sales desk on 020 7518 2480 or you can email events@inneventive.co.uk.

For a list of our Management Training please see:

Management Training Testimonials

“It went some way further than being a team building event. … we learnt a lot about each other and will now bring that experience back into the work place. So once again many thanks and I hope we can work together again.” Hanover Association

“…. We learnt an enormous amount about each other and look forward to taking this positive experience back into the office”

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