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The Inneventive Cooking Academy is set in the heart of one of the largest food markets in London, Borough Market! This means we offer completely unique and exclusive cookery team building days.

Our compelling cookery team building events have been trialled and tested to challenge, break barriers and to build solid relationships within your work environment.

We have a huge range of cookery events to suit all budgets, sizes and dates. We take pride in creating the best culinary experience for your team which promises to show results.

festive, Christmas, cookery, team building, cooking, recipe, menu, fun, event, corporate, Festive Cookery - giving back this year
Festive Cookery - giving back this year
If you are looking for an alternative Christmas party, Inneventive have the perfect event solution for you. Using our expertise in providing top of the range team cookery events throughout the year, Inneventive bring you the festive cookery masterclass.

Min 15 / Max 15    Budget: From £99pp   Location: London Central
Team Cookery, team bonding, gourmet cookery , Gourmet Master Class
Gourmet Master Class
A fun and creative team bonding experience that brings teams closer together by taking part in a creative and motivational culinary experience!

Min 15 / Max 15    Budget: From £145pp   Location: UK Wide
Client Entertainment, client Cookery event, corporate event, Diners Den
Diners Den
A fun way to entertain and interact with clients by cooking the meal with them.

Min 15 / Max 15    Budget: From £149pp   Location: London Central
Team Building, Cookery, Cook Off Challenge
Cook Off Challenge
A creative culinary team building event that injects energy into your team.

Min 15 / Max 15    Budget: From £149pp   Location: UK Wide
canape making, team building, , Canape Challenge
Canape Challenge
A refreshing and engaging team event making indulgent canapes.

Min 15 / Max 15    Budget: From £79pp   Location: UK Wide
celebrity chef cookery event, cooking with a celebrity, team building,  , Celebrity Chef
Celebrity Chef
Be inspired and work with your team alongside a well known chef.

Min 15 / Max 15    Budget: From £200pp   Location: UK Wide
chocolate making, team building chocolate making, Chocolate Challenge
Chocolate Challenge
Imagine the sheer indulgence involved in making and eating your own gourmet chocolates.

Min 15 / Max 15    Budget: From £75pp   Location: UK Wide
cookery team building, cooking for success, team cookery, Cooking for success
Cooking for success
Many lessons can be learnt in the kitchen and this event focuses on specific learning areas.

Min 15 / Max 15    Budget: From £165pp   Location: UK Wide
cocktail making, dinner with a twist, corporate entertainment, Dinner with a twist
Dinner with a twist
Create your own cocktails whilst enjoying a lavish dinner.

Min 8 / Max 8    Budget: From £149pp   Location: London Central
team, cookery, pasta, teambuilding, away day, Pasta Rustica
Pasta Rustica
Learn the Italian art of making fresh pasta with you team.

Min 15 / Max 15    Budget: From £99pp   Location: UK Wide
team building cookery, sushi team building, , Sensational sushi
Sensational sushi
Engage your team with this sensational sushi master class.

Min 15 / Max 15    Budget: From £79pp   Location: UK Wide
cup cake, cup cake design, cup cake making workshop, team building , Cup Cake Design Workshop
Cup Cake Design Workshop
Everyone loves cupcakes, they are not only delicious, but they can be works of art. Join us to create your very own team of art with sugar, cake, and other delicious toppings and sweets.

Min 20 / Max 20    Budget: From £99pp   Location: UK Wide
cookery, Borough market, cooking challenge, food, team building, Borough Market Challenge
Borough Market Challenge
This exciting Team event starts off in the heart of gastronomic paradise - Borough Market. Here any cookery challenge can be enhanced by the procurement of great ingredients.

Min 15 / Max 15    Budget: From £130pp   Location: London City
cake, team building, engineering, Cake Engineering
Cake Engineering
Remember the Skoda advert where they made a cake out of sponge? Well Inneventive bring you the same concept...

Min 40 / Max 40 Price Upon Request
cooking, team building, great british bakefest, The Great British Bakefest
The Great British Bakefest
This fantastic day not only challenges your baking skills but your colleague relationships too!Can you work together to create the most delicious prize?

Min 15 / Max 15 Price Upon Request


“It went some way further than being a team building event. … we learnt a lot about each other and will now bring that experience back into the work place. So once again many thanks and I hope we can work together again.”
Hanover Association

“A huge success, everyone get very involved from the outset. I did not expect so much energy and enthusiasm as seen by everyone yesterday. Great organisation, thank-you.”

“…. We learnt an enormous amount about each other and look forward to taking this positive experience back into the office”

“A great success. It offered the right balance of team learning and fun. Everyone enjoyed the day and gave me positive feedback Thank-you”

"There was quite a buzz in the office this morning as people were saying just how much they enjoyed yesterday! It really was an excellent day which has been very much appreciated this end. It has certainly helped strengthen the bridge between us across all the levels within the office!"
CMS Cameron Mckenna

“Thank you once again for all your help the feedback has all been excellent….I look forward to working with your company again in the future.”

“Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the event, from beginning to end. Inneventive staff were brilliant and ensured everything ran smoothly. Excellent event all round. Many thanks.”

“Thank you very much! I have had lots of positive feedback. It was felt that scalextrics was a great way to get everyone together quickly when they didn’t know each other.”
CMS Cameron McKenna

“Overall the day went extremely well and everyone enjoyed the event. An excellent team day.”
Swiss Re

“Thanks ever so much for your help. You’ve done a great job, we all really enjoyed the event.”
Camelot Interactive

“A great event that everyone really enjoyed and got involved in.”
Clear Ideas

“Excellent service, friendly staff, enjoyable event.”
Birmingham City Council

“Inneventive organised a great evening of fun and interaction. The staff were super and we will definitely recommend the night to others. Thanks guys!”

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