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We have a huge range of indoor team-building activities in lots of different venues.
Cookery activities in our famous Inneventive Cooking Academy, getting creative in the art studios at our Canvas Challenge or Ice Sculpturing activities or taking part in our exciting and challenging Office Quizzes, there is definitely an indoor event for you.

Our popular cooking team-building events take place in Central London at the famous Inneventive Cooking Academy. Team building activities, especially around cookery is proving a huge growth area for us. Everyone likes food, cooking is fashionable and offers great opportunities to learn new skills. If you are looking for an afternoon out of the office, a full day or longer, we can create an exciting and memorable event for you.

Whether your goal of the event are to build stronger relationships or to ‘break the ice’ between a team, all of our activities are designed to reach your specific goal. Our team-building events are specifically tailored to your exact needs, time, location and budget.


, Pennyhill Park
Pennyhill Park
Within 123 acres of rolling Surrey parkland lies a luxury country house hotel accompanied by the UKs Most Excellent Spa.

Min 10 / Max 10 Price Upon Request
Health and safety, Health and Safety training
Health and Safety training
This activity is the perfect combination of educating and entertaining your colleagues. Taught by our professional chef, guests will have an extensive session on H&S as well as cooking their own three course lunch in our kitchen.

Min 10 / Max 10    Budget: From £60pp   Location: UK Wide
team building, london, drama, acting, creative event corporate high performing , creative, RADA , Inspire A Choir
Inspire A Choir
Singing is uplifting, cathartic and fun. It is a great way to get a large or small group to work together on one clear common goal for a determined period of time.

Min 10 / Max 10 Price Upon Request
Million Pound Drop Live!, The Million Pound Drop - Live!
The Million Pound Drop - Live!
Welcome to The Million Pound Drop - Live! A popular and topical event based on the current ITV programme, our Million Pound Drop event gives you and your team one million points worth of poker chips to play with in our fun and tense question rounds

Min 16 / Max 16    Budget: From £59pp   Location: Your Office
Murder Mystery Evening, Team Building , Murder Mystery Evening
Murder Mystery Evening
Perfect over a company dinner our Murder Mystery Evenings begin with you and your guests having their first chance to meet a number of larger than life characters, your colleagues taking on these rolesthemselves!

Min 16 / Max 16    Budget: From £59pp   Location: Your Office
The Da Vinci Code, Team Building , The Da Vinci Code
The Da Vinci Code
Our Da Vinci Code event is a fantastic collaboration team build that sends you and your guests on an intriguing quest to crack the curator's code!

Min 16 / Max 16    Budget: From £69pp   Location: Your Office
Thriller Live! Team Building , Thriller Live!
Thriller Live!
Thriller Live is proving to be one of the most popular events in our porfolio! Flexible as an indoor, outdoor or fun evening event, Thriller Live! guarantees to transform you and your colleagues into all-singing, all-dancing zombies!

Min 15 / Max 15    Budget: From £45pp   Location: Your Office
Mexican Railroad, Team Building activities , The Mexican Railroad
The Mexican Railroad
Our fantastic Mexican Railroad event truly translates to a company's need to think outside individual tasks and consider the bigger picture; as not only must you be successful as a team, you must also consider how your efforts will combine to equal success for the whole group!

Min 16 / Max 16    Budget: From £59pp   Location: Your Office
The Apprentice, Team BuildinG Activities, The Apprentice
The Apprentice
Dare to take on the world's 'most belligerent boss' in the twist on the popular BBC show!

Min 10 / Max 10    Budget: From £89pp   Location: Your Office
Teamtastic!, Teamtastic!
Inneventive are proud to bring you the ultimate in team building events, as we combine a brilliant selection of our favourite and most popular games to create our fantastic Teamtastic event!

Min 15 / Max 15    Budget: From £59pp   Location: Your Office
Crystal Challenge, The Crystal Maze Challenge
The Crystal Maze Challenge
A firm favourite from the 90's, we have taken this popular game show and turned it into a fun-filled team building activity day! This fast-paced and exciting event sees your colleagues faced with a variety of different challenges, testing their skill and wit in four different zones.
    Budget: From £69pp   Location: Your Office
team building shop window display, business planning, model making, Window to your business
Window to your business
Create a shop window with a 'wow factor' for your organisation!

Min 250 / Max 250    Budget: From £99pp   Location: UK Wide
team drumming, music workshop. , Team drumming
Team drumming
Imagine the power of your whole company making music together...

Min 15 / Max 15    Budget: From £49pp   Location: UK Wide
pub games challenge, team fun in the pub, pub games, Pub games challenge
Pub games challenge
A fun, competitive and challenging evening requiring lots of team spirit.

Min 15 / Max 15    Budget: From £45pp   Location: UK Wide
pottery masterclass, team building pottery, Pottery master class
Pottery master class
Bring out the artistic side of your team in this original art event -great fun and very challenging!

Min 10 / Max 10    Budget: From £59pp   Location: UK Wide
chocolate making, team building chocolate making, Chocolate Challenge
Chocolate Challenge
Imagine the sheer indulgence involved in making and eating your own gourmet chocolates.

Min 15 / Max 15    Budget: From £75pp   Location: UK Wide
canvas art challenge, team building art, painting and team building, Canvas challenge
Canvas challenge
The Canvas Challenge is about teams creating art on a massive scale!

Min 15 / Max 15    Budget: From £59pp   Location: UK Wide
Team building, team building poker, , Ace is High
Ace is High
An exciting team building evening of poker under the expert guidance of a highly experienced croupier.

Min 15 / Max 15    Budget: From £45pp   Location: UK Wide


“It went some way further than being a team building event. … we learnt a lot about each other and will now bring that experience back into the work place. So once again many thanks and I hope we can work together again.”
Hanover Association

“A huge success, everyone get very involved from the outset. I did not expect so much energy and enthusiasm as seen by everyone yesterday. Great organisation, thank-you.”

“…. We learnt an enormous amount about each other and look forward to taking this positive experience back into the office”

“A great success. It offered the right balance of team learning and fun. Everyone enjoyed the day and gave me positive feedback Thank-you”

"There was quite a buzz in the office this morning as people were saying just how much they enjoyed yesterday! It really was an excellent day which has been very much appreciated this end. It has certainly helped strengthen the bridge between us across all the levels within the office!"
CMS Cameron Mckenna

“Thank you once again for all your help the feedback has all been excellent….I look forward to working with your company again in the future.”

“Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the event, from beginning to end. Inneventive staff were brilliant and ensured everything ran smoothly. Excellent event all round. Many thanks.”

“Thank you very much! I have had lots of positive feedback. It was felt that scalextrics was a great way to get everyone together quickly when they didn’t know each other.”
CMS Cameron McKenna

“Overall the day went extremely well and everyone enjoyed the event. An excellent team day.”
Swiss Re

“Thanks ever so much for your help. You’ve done a great job, we all really enjoyed the event.”
Camelot Interactive

“A great event that everyone really enjoyed and got involved in.”
Clear Ideas

“Excellent service, friendly staff, enjoyable event.”
Birmingham City Council

“Inneventive organised a great evening of fun and interaction. The staff were super and we will definitely recommend the night to others. Thanks guys!”

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